Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is why I weigh myself everyday...

1) because I'm obsessed, addicted, etc.
2) because it helps me stay on track.
I usually do a pretty good job of logging food intake and exercise activities, but sometimes I start to slip up. When I see the scale going the wrong way, I know that a change needs to take place. I go back to weighing and tracking every morsel that goes in my mouth and I up the intensity of my exercise. It works. And I'm at a place now that I don't go running to the kitchen or the nearest Sonic to drown my bad weigh-in in 1,000 extra calories.
This morning I was at 172.5--2 lbs less than yesterday. Not sure why today couldn't have been my weigh-in day!! :) This gives me hope that I really might be able to stay on track with my goal by next week. And I'm back to only 2.5 lbs away from my mudslide....
I have changed my tracking websites. I was using before and it was just okay. I've switched to which I LOVE. I can link my calorie-count account with my facebook account and it has many more brands' nutritional information than fitday. I was able to type in Little Caesar's on calorie-count but not fitday and get the correct information. It's much easier to use and has a more updated layout. It's a perfect fit for me, I think. You should check it out!


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