Friday, August 17, 2012

New (old) plan

We have been working with our five year old on potty training at night. She's done much better than I expected. She is usually dry 5-6 nights out of 7!
One of the changes we've made is limiting what types of beverages she drinks. Originally, that meant choosing milk or juice for breakfast and having only water the rest of the day. It was working well so we got a little lax in enforcing the plan.
She had a few accidents one week so we had to reset our game plan. Now that she's started school, she drinks milk during a break at school and then has a juice box with her after school snack.   We discussed with her that when she is at home (on school days), she will drink only water to satisfy her thirst. She was on board with this plan until her little sister was drinking a Carnation Instant Breakfast shake. It was chocolate. (An important fact.)
And then began the whining.
And the crying.
And the carrying on.
We have identified Sweetness' issue and have come up with a plan that, when consistent, has resulted in many nights of success for her. She whines and she cries. But we stick to our plan.

Because when we stick to our plan, it works.

I have identified my issue (hello--50 lbs overweight!) and have come up with a plan (eat well & exercise to put it simply).
And I whine ...
And I cry ...
And then I throw my plan out the window.

So--new plan: stick to my plan.
(and maybe try the kicking and screaming whining method of my five year old. And stick to the plan.)


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