Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walk it off.

I have had this book for years. I have paged through it but not actually used it. It is a 28-day walking and strength training program. Pretty low-intensity plan, but that's perfect for me right now. I love that I just turn to the Day 1 page and it tells me exactly what to do that day.
Every day for the next 28 days!
Super simple--very little thinking. Perfect!
The journal pages have a section to record an abbreviated version of what I eat, then sections about how I feel that day. One section has you finish this sentence: one thing I am proud of today. I like that they throw a little positive self-talk exercise in there!
So that's my plan for the next 28 days! I'll follow the plan from this book and continue to do my Post-Natal Rescue DVD. I'll post on that later!


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