Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weigh-in day.

While last week's weigh-in was 168, it feels like it's no change. I've weighed in at 167 or 168 (plus or minus the half pound) for the past 5 weigh-ins. Grrrr. I've never been such a failure at anything before. I've been thankful to be able to go the gym this past week. I took the girls Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They get to play and I work my tail off, almost literally. We'll go three times this week too. Mark is going tonight at 5 so maybe we'll meet him there. How romantic to be able to work out together! Tonight is the Biggest Loser. I don't usually work out for the whole two hours, but I was thinking about just hitting the treadmill and seeing how far I can get in two hours. Not sure my feet will be happy about it, though. I'm not supposed to workout more than a half hour according to the PT. Maybe if I ice after I'll be okay. I'm supposed to be training for a 7 mile race in July. And I'm walking a 5K on May 1st. Pushing a stroller. With Chloe strapped to the front of me. :) That should burn a few calories!


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