Thursday, January 14, 2010

37 weeks. 4 days.

I already have so much more energy! This is great...
I've hit 175 already in the past year or so, but this feels so different. I'm really working for it and my body is thanking me for it.
Tonight I brought dinner over to my husband along with my two girls. I kept the little one in her car seat to carry everything into school. Olivia walked on her own and kept up rather well.
So, on one arm I've got Chloe in her pumpkin seat. On the other arm I have my humongous diaper bag (seriously, it could pack enough clothes for a weekend trip), a small cooler bag, and a small pyrex casserole in its carrying case. I've probably got 20 + lbs on one arm and about 15 lbs on the other. And it was nothing! I could've walked around like that all night!
Funny what a little bit of working out will do...
Oh! More good news. Friend S was over today and suggested that sometime in May we go shopping for dresses to wear to friends M & B's wedding in June. I AM SO EXCITED. 1) Because my second checkpoint is in May and I should be about 150--so a much smaller dress size. 2) That will be a fabulous girl-time shopping trip. I so cannot wait...


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