Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday means pot roast for dinner.

Dinner tonight: Pot roast (4 oz), mashed potatoes (1 c), cooked carrots (30 cal.)= 450 calories total! Awesome.
My calorie count for today is about 1700. That's what it is most days, even though I have in my head that I'm going to aim for 1200. I guess it's good that I've got somewhere to go with it and I'm still losing a good amount each week. Then when I hit that plateau I can cut back even 500 cal a day to get 1 lb a week. Tricky math...
Talking about bridesmaids dresses tonight prompted me to check the size chart for the manufacturer. Right now my chest is a size 14, my waist a size 20 and my hips a size 12. Kind of too big... I'll be interested to see what size I get to order in May/June!
February is just around the corner and with it being a short month I think I'd like to do a 28-day challenge. I'm thinking something like 1 hr of exercise every day or 28 miles on the treadmill... Any suggestions?


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