Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One more down...45 left to go!

I lost 1 more pound this week. I really thought I'd get two this week, but I'm thankful for the one! If I were honest with myself, I would say that I didn't work hard enough for the two. I worked hard enough for one, though.
In order to stay on track to hit my 162.5 goal I needed to weigh in at 173 today and I did that! I need to average about 1.5 a week from her on out, so I'm going to need to work hard enough to get that!! I am looking forward to taking my measurements on Sunday! I've decided to do that at the beginning of each month.
Last night I did the Bootcamp weeks 1-2 workout which is starting to get more manageable for me! Then I did an ab workout from a Slim in 6 program I bought years ago. I might start doing that every other day or so. It's a little more than 10 minutes and is something I can do during the day when I'm with the girls. Tonight I'm back on the treadmill again!!


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