Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My 3rd "mommy" birthday.

My oldest, Olivia, turns 3 years old today! I have been a mommy for exactly that long, incidentally. Birthdays are big deals for mommies, I think. I went through a whole lot of life-changing, body-changing stuff 3 years ago from which I'm still recovering. Included in my "day on the calendar" checkpoints which I use just to make sure I stay on track, I've got some milestone checkpoints that I will be celebrating along the way. I still have 20 lbs to get to my pre-Olivia weight. Then 15 lbs more to get rid of my "happily married weight." Then another 10-15 lbs more to get rid of my "I live alone, first-job, post-college, holycrapImanadult" weight. I can't wait to celebrate each one of them.


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