Friday, January 15, 2010


I'd like to give a shout out to my #1 fan--BHerbolsheimer!
Olivia and I just got done making mini-bagel pizzas. For 2 (1 whole mini-bagel), I figured about 150 calories. Not bad. They're for her birthday party tomorrow. I will be having a chocolate cupcake tomorrow. But just one. And if I didn't plan well and didn't make enough cupcakes, then...none. Tomorrow is going to be quite the test to see how well I do on calorie intake. Besides the luncheon birthday party, we also have plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. It's already been determined that I'll be sharing the 6 peice chicken tenders with my sister. Those plus the potato wedges with cheese will be a total of 900 calories. Crap... Might need to workout extra tonight. After I clean the bathrooms. What an exciting Friday night.


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